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As an employee-centric organization, we firmly believe that high quality service can only be delivered when the care workers themselves are cared for.


We focus on nurturing small, cohesive teams of empathetic individuals who share a passion for caregiving. These tight-knit groups develop their skills in a positive, supportive and honest environment. We are always creating new ways to improve and empower our caregivers, who are encouraged to offer feedback, generate ideas, and contribute to enriching the lives of everyone we interact with. The children, youth, families, communities and agencies we assist receive the highest level of service from our energetic and compassionate team.


Aeon Youth Services was founded to enact change. We asked the question: ‘How could we deliver remarkable service, consistently, while developing an outstanding reputation?’ The answer? Create an environment where the best caregivers can operate in comfort, without many of the stressors often associated with support work. In-depth training, highly competent coworkers, ample time off, benefits and perks, growth opportunity, approachable management; these things had to be in place, so our caregivers could focus on doing what they do best.

Our Approach:

  • Select only the most promising candidates to join us. Provide 100-plus hours of hands-on training.
  • Create upwards mobility. Allow creative and driven people to contribute and grow.
  • Build small, tight-knit teams of people who work together exclusively.
  • Provide comfortable, natural-feeling homes where we can create a safe and inviting environment.
  • Care provided in an energetic and empathetic fashion. We encourage healthy living and continual development.
  • We all work together to create forward-thinking care plans. Proactive, not reactive.
  • Our goal is positive permanency, supported by healthy adult relationships and strong cultural connections.
  • Stagnation is a bad word. Creativity fuels our approach.